my venture into photographic imaging began as a mild interest (never could understand the mechanics of that twin-reflex lens Argus my father used)  but has grown to be a mild obsession. 

ever evolving, I’m guided by a desire to depict the mystery and majesty of my chosen subjects often times as a metaphor for human perception with its inherent juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity.  my primary focus (pun intended) is on landscape photography because of the challenge of capturing the interplay of light, shadow, and the natural elements present in the current, fleeting moment…here now, then gone.  i find that i also attempt to extend my personal way of being through my personal style of imaging be it called minimalistic, simplistic, modernist, sensual, unassuming, evocative. i’m not always successful in this endeavor (hence some “postcard” images), but it is a driving force.  

speaking of forces, many photographers are influenced by other photographer's work.  this is not true for me, as I’m less inclined to be influenced over a body of work as i am a real person.  as it regards photography, the person who has had the greatest influence on my approach to photography is Alain Briot.  of course his work is sublime, but it is his soul and spirit that speaks to me the most.  it is  through his mantra that the essence of photography is seeing and composing coupled with his constant vigilance on the necessity of developing a personal style that has been most influential to me.  thank you Alain! 
i belonged to the Santa Fe Society of Artists, under whose auspices i exhibited my work in Santa Fe, NM, as well as Photo Laureates and the New Mexico Photographic Arts Show.  i also received an honorable mention in New Mexico Magazine's 9th annual photo contest. 

so, you have come to see some of me through my own eyes

and now the question

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